On Thu, 2014-11-06 at 15:03 -0500, Andrew Stitcher wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-11-06 at 14:54 -0500, Andrew Stitcher wrote:
> > On Thu, 2014-11-06 at 11:41 -0500, Rafael Schloming wrote:
> > > Hi Everyone,
> > > 
> > > The git migration is complete. The svn repo is now read only. You can find
> > > instructions for accessing the git repo here:
> > > 
> > >     https://git-wip-us.apache.org/
> > 
> > There appears to be a problem already with the migration!
> Ah, no actual problem here! The dev branch is now called
> "master" (unless we want to change it back for nostalgia's sake!)

To re contradict myself! There really is a problem here.

The migration has produced a repo that is different (has a different
branching structure) from the previous mirrors. This appears to be due
to differences in committer naming between the previous mirror repo and
the new repo. The first name difference was in a 2012 commit:

But there appear to be at least 2 committers: Darryl Pierce and Cliff
Jansen that have names that are different in the 2 branches.

Since this will surely cause pain for the automated github mirroring and
existing repos which many people have we need to sort this out soonest.


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