On Thu, 2014-11-06 at 20:53 +0000, Dominic Evans wrote:
> Few minor things I noticed:
> 1) the github.com/Apache/qpid-proton mirror has been deleted, but the
> git.apache.org mirror remains? Intentional? The GitHub mirror is still
> useful for tracking forks...

Ouch, what will happen to existing forks?

> 2) there doesn't appear to be any linkage between JIRAs and commits
> anymore? Does someone need to enable that to point at git?

I think that the existing information will just have gone as it was a
simple url to the svn repo put in the jira comments by a process
listening to the checkin stream. To migrate it would be a significant
effort for someone. I think this is a substantial loss of project
functionality - I would have voted against the migration if this loss
had been pointed out.

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