> I agree and disagree  with this simplistic position.
> If (and only if) your task branch is yours and yours alone and no one
> has ever relied on it then you can safely rebase it. Actually I find
> that rebasing is a lot more useful to get my commits in a logical
> sequence of smaller working commits (by using rebase -i).
+1 … Yes.. as I said earlier.. you can rebase your branch as much as you want.

> On the other hand merging topic branches into master is also perfectly
> sensible to finish off work on a topic branch especially a long lived
> one.

+1. That’s why I’m suggesting the PR approach.

> A long lived topic branch will necessarily have some level of merging
> from master to keep it up to date.
> On the other hand I agree that merging from master just before merging
> to master is irritating and pointless.

The apache master can’t be rebased… Period!  Work as you wish in your topic 
branch, your master or whatever you choose… but be careful when you upload to 
apache/master.. once it’s there you can’t rollback.. unless you ask special 
privileges from Infra. If you ever need a push -f for a mistake or something.. 
you will need Infra to do it.

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