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> I have gone through the git cherry output and categorised the
> remaining commits from master that dont have a direct equivalent on
> the 0.9.x branch, splitting according to what they update i.e. mainly
> by language. I listed some as excluded based on what they are for,
> e.g
> the 0.10 sasl work, and any Go-only changes (because the Go bits were
> not in 0.9).
> http://people.apache.org/~robbie/qpid/proton/0.9.1/git-cherry-pass1-c
> ategorised.txt
> I'd like to get the 0.9.1 release out this week, which would mean
> starting a vote tomorrow, so if you want specific commits included
> then please shout now.

I'd suggest you also pull in the following commits from that list:

Python (+Examples)

4653cdc Some sphinx based documentation of the python reactive api, including a 
tutorial to accompany the examples.
65aa64c fixed exception handling for events occuring during reactor shutdown
5bf533c PROTON-846: check whether connection is valid


b532cf2 NO-JIRA: README improvements
1aa7bce NO-JIRA: rename README --> README.md
c1a6de2 NO-JIRA: some additional README improvements
425c008 NO-JIRA: update README filename in CMakeLists


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