Hi Alan, Rafael,

On 9. 10. 15 21.25, aconway wrote:
> I'm fiddling with the C++ example broker, and when I install a debug
> handler, I see that when the broker is doing absolutely nothing there
> is a PN_REACTOR_QUIESCED event about every 3 seconds. Does anybody know
> what this is about? Why is the reactor waking up just to tell us that
> it is asleep?

On first sight seems like a debug thing accidentally committed.

I think something like this is in order:

$ git diff
diff --git a/proton-c/src/reactor/reactor.c b/proton-c/src/reactor/reactor.c
index 6b328bc..7542d4c 100644
--- a/proton-c/src/reactor/reactor.c
+++ b/proton-c/src/reactor/reactor.c
@@ -484,7 +484,6 @@ void pn_reactor_stop(pn_reactor_t *reactor) {

 void pn_reactor_run(pn_reactor_t *reactor) {
-  pn_reactor_set_timeout(reactor, 3141);
   while (pn_reactor_process(reactor)) {}

workaround is to pn_set_reactor_timeout(r, 0) in PN_REACTOR_INIT in your


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