Last I knew, additional Proton API calls are needed to receive from Service 
Bus, and if they're not made, you get the symptoms you describe. I wrote a post 
about it a while back, which you can find at
 and there are samples linked from there.

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From: Philippe Le Rohellec [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 5:05 PM
Subject: Acknowledging received messages with Proton and an Azure Service Bus 

I'm trying to use Qpid Proton ruby bindings to send and receive messages to and 
from an Azure Service Bus Queue.

I'm using the latest Qpid from<>

It's build and installed, the gem is installed as well and I'm using the 
send.rb and recv.rb examples scripts without issues.

However the messages received by recv.rb are never acknowledged and removed 
from the queue. If I run recv.rb multiple times in a row, the same messages are 
received over and over again.

I added the call to accept the message after receiving it but that didn't help.

tracker = messenger.get(msg)


The message stays in the queue even when it's accepted.

I also tried the same test using the C recv.c example (adding the 
pn_messenger_accept call ) and I get exactly the same result.

Am I using the API wrong? Is 'accept' not the right way to acknowledge a 

Or could it be an incompatibility issue with Azure Service Bus?

Thanks in advance.



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