On Fri, 2015-12-04 at 12:20 -0700, plerohel wrote:
> Thanks James, that article is extremely helpful.
> After I set the messenger incoming_window to a positive value,
> messages do
> get acknowledged as expected.

> Rejecting the message doesn't work though. It might be because I'm
> not
> setting the settle mode as described in the article. The ruby API
> doesn't
> seem to allow it. However if the receiver just skips the "accept"
> step then
> the message can be processed again by another receiver.

This may be related to


If it is can you add your add your comments/reproducers to it?

If it doesn't seem related can you open another JIRA for the Ruby
binding? I also working on the Ruby also at the moment so would be good
to look at these together even if they're not the same issue since they
are at least in related areas. Please attach code reproducers if you
have any.


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