Thanks for your replies, Gordon. I didn't explicitly mention that I was
interested in accessing the Principal from Java but you seem to have
guessed that already :-) However, the question is still open, right?


On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 6:04 PM Gordon Sim <> wrote:

> On 29/02/16 14:56, Gordon Sim wrote:
> > On 28/02/16 15:59, Kai wrote:
> >> I was trying to find some examples or documentation regarding how to use
> >> SASL in Proton but did not find anything so far. Can you point me into
> >> the
> >> right direction? In particular I am interested in determining the
> >> identity
> >> of a client that has been authenticated as part of a TLS handshake (if
> >> that's possible) ...
> >
> > In the c api, pn_ssl_get_remote_subject() gets you the subject field of
> > the certificate. In python that is exposed as a remote_subject property
> > on the ssl object associated with the transport.
> >
> > I'm not sure if/how the java api's offer the behaviour, anyone else able
> > to comment on that?
> One thing to add/point out here is that proton can be used in different
> ways. One use is simply as a protocol engine, with bytes pumped in and
> out by an external io component. In that usage model, you would use
> java's built in support for SSL (as part of the io).

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