A multi-frame issues showed up at 
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DISPATCH-263 and I think proton-dump was 
useful in figuring it out. 

Wireshark marked dozens of frames with decode errors. proton-dump[1] came to 
the rescue was able to grind through the packets without complaining. Problem 
analysis could immediately move beyond figuring out what's wrong with the data 
stream because it was fine.

I don't need to add proton-dump back into the source tree but I have it built 
and ready for the occasional need.


[1] proton-dump was opening the dump files in text mode and causing a confusing 
truncation error. If you plan to use proton-dump you should apply this:

diff --git a/proton-c/src/proton-dump.c b/proton-c/src/proton-dump.c
index 1ce577d..f0718ac 100644
--- a/proton-c/src/proton-dump.c
+++ b/proton-c/src/proton-dump.c
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ void fatal_error(const char *msg, const char *arg, int err)

 int dump(const char *file)
-  FILE *in = fopen(file, "r");
+  FILE *in = fopen(file, "rb");
   if (!in) fatal_error("proton-dump: dump: opening %s", file, errno);

   pn_buffer_t *buf = pn_buffer(1024);

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> Well I left it 3 days, heard no objections so I will remove proton-dump
> and up the minimum version of cmake to 2.8.7.
> Andrew

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