I was discussing an issue with Enumerable#grep with sam: currently, it
only allows basic regex matching against elements' toString methods.
The optional iterator is *not* for computing an alternate test value,
but for computing an alternate *returned* value.

That's because grep was designed to mimic Ruby's Enumerable#grep method,
which relies on the elements' === operator (match operator) to provide
custom matching.  What we figure is, we could emulate that in Prototype
by assuming whatever gets passed as a first argument has a "match"
method, which is passed the raw element (not its toString representation
anymore) and returns true (or anything boolean-equivalent to true) if
the element should be retained in the resultset.

In order to ensure backward compatibility, we would turn string filters
into RegExp objects, and provide RegExp with a "match" alias to its
nominal "test" method.  Note that you can pass it a raw element: it
will, indeed, call its toString method (as per ECMA-262) in this case.

Then we can envision using Selector objects as filters, too.  And
anything else that provides a match method.  Obviously, if you're going
to write your own predicate anyway, you may be better off with using
select/findAll instead.  The idea of this evolution of grep is to have
it leverage existing "match" methods in objects, not to replace
select/findAll.  We're aiming at bringing it closer to its Ruby's namesake.

I have a tested, working patch ready.  But before I put it into Trac,
I'd like your opinion.  Sam and I feel this is good, but maybe you have
2 nice cents to contribute to the idea (e.g. other objects that do have
match methods which could become useful de facto filters)?

Christophe Porteneuve a.k.a. TDD
"[They] did not know it was impossible, so they did it." --Mark Twain

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