And of course, there is always EventPublisher, which is pretty lightweight
and has served me well in many projects:

Short usage description:

For a global event dispatcher, just create an instance of EventPublisher at
the global scope level...

var myEventDispatcher = new EventPublisher();

On 2/7/07, Christian Schaefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi mislav,
> > See this API documentation (work by Seth Dillingham):
> >
> very interesting approach certainly.
> maybe I should think about synthetic events to be part of my
> implementation. but I can not but notice that the implementation by seth
> is a bit too much for me.
> I do like the synthetic event approach but the api he created appears
> far too complicated to me. I mean you have to create publisher objects
> just to fire an event rather than just make a function call to send a
> message. I like colins suggestion of using an api similar to
> Ajax.Responders far better for its simplicity.
> what do you think?
> cheers
> /christian
> >

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