On 2/7/07, Christian Schaefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi mislav,
> > See this API documentation (work by Seth Dillingham):
> > http://www.truerwords.net/articles/web-tech/custom_events_ref.html
> very interesting approach certainly.
> maybe I should think about synthetic events to be part of my
> implementation. but I can not but notice that the implementation by seth
> is a bit too much for me.

It was intended for larger projects, certainly.

It's being used in a number of sites now. I used it in an aggregator,
and prototyped (ahem) an email client with it.

If you just need a couple of click or mouseover events, then my
approach is probably too much... after all, it adds a crushing 8 KB to
your page.

It's really *intended* for synthetic events, and offers an approach to
writing applications that is entirely based on synthetic events,
versus hard-linking of your app's various classes together.


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