WTF!?!?!? This is the fifth time I have posted a reply to a thread via
google groups and it says the post was successful and then it never
shows up!!  Ok, I honestly don't care anymore as this is way more
trouble than it is worth. It is much easier to maintain a file of all
of my personal patches than to get anything changed in the core
because I have to argue my point endlessly and even *if* I'm right it
doesn't matter.. My first response was much more polite but I am in a
really bad mood now because I just waisted a few hours setting up a
rails server and a test page and writing responses, so I apologize for
for my tone.

Look, I installed and tested this on Rails (using
CGIMethods.parse_query_parameters) just for this thread and it NEEDS
brackets, ok? I went into details before but google groups said "No
sir! haha!" so I won't go into it again. If you think you're right,
run a test and prove it. I'd like to see tests on other platforms as
well to see how brackets and numeric indexes are handled (PHP as
arrays, Rails as hashes) but I'll leave that up to people on those
platforms who give a damn (probably nobody). Michael, care to copy and
paste my test page code into some tests for some of the other
platforms you mentioned? Just dump the post variable if it exists,
otherwise print out the page. Why not make this code work with as many
server-side languages as possible and THEN work on the toQueryParams

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