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Andrew Dupont wrote:
> You act as if the web isn't built upon conventions, even arbitrary ones.
No idea how you got to this conclusion.

> I think this is a POLS issue, only we disagree on which behavior is least
> surprising.  But since Prototype is designed to go hand-in-hand with
> Rails, and since JavaScript methods can be redefined at runtime, I think
> the empty brackets convention is the way to go here.
And this is really amazing, as it contradicts with what I heard about
Prototype (as not being tied with Rails). I liked that, and tried to defend
that. OFC, I may have heard it wrong, as I'm reading/using Prototype for
just about a couple of days, so you all have my apologies for this

> If you disagree (or if whatever server framework you use disagrees), you
> can monkeypatch in your own serialization logic.
It's not about one "server framework" or another, but merely about my yet
another mistake to presume your were discussing about creating an
application/x-www-form-urlencoded compatible serialization engine.

Anyway, hopefully no real harm done for you - besides Collin's headache -,
I'll keep quiet from now on, as I'm not currently interested in Rails.

Thank you all very much for supporting me and my deepest apologies for all
my mistakes. Prototype was a great experience thanks to all of you.

Best regards.
- --
Marius Feraru


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