Ryan Gahl wrote:
> You may find my blog entry from last week to be interesting here: 
> http://www.someelement.com/2007/03/multiple-inheritance-with-prototypejs.html 
> <http://www.someelement.com/2007/03/multiple-inheritance-with-prototypejs.html>
> As I state in the entry, I borrow from Kevin Lindsey's inheritance 
> model, but have made it work quite nicely with prototype, and honestly 
> think it would fit nicely into the core (keep Object.extend as is but 
> add Object.inherit)
Very clever and exciting implementation!  +1 for adding this to core.  
It is simple, powerful, and more syntactically appealing than Dean 
Edward's Base.  It seems like a convention that Prototype could easily 

--Ken Snyder

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