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W. Niu a écrit :
> I'd just like to report a small issue I encountered when trying to
> upgrade from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1. I suspect this is more likely to be an
> issue from Firefox ( script parser though.

Actually it's no issue, it's entirely nominal.  HTML mandates that an
opening <script> tag should be closed at the soonest </script>, without
any specific processing of the text in-between.  There is no parsing of
the embedded JS until the closing tag is isolated.

> I am using a web framework which automatically read up all *.js files
> into the main page and place them into the following script block
> (don't ask me why, I am only using that framework for research
> purpose):

Please tell us the name of this framework, just so that I don't end up
inadvertently using it.  Not only does this practice goes against UJS,
it most importantly prevents any caching strategy.  I can't imagine why
the authors of the framework chose this path, which seems to have a
strictly negative cost.

> with an actual closing one (because of the angle brackets). Is there a
> quick fix at your (Prototype team) side to avoid it? If not, I will

We probably won't include the quick fix in the main distro (although
Core may decide to eventually), but you should be in the clear by simply
putting a backslash before the closing slash:

  ScriptFragment: '<script[^>]*>([\u0001-\uFFFF]*?)<\/script>',

That won't affect the semantics of the regex, and should prevent the
(X)HTML parser from considering it as the closing tag of your wrapper
<script> element.

Christophe Porteneuve a.k.a. TDD
"[They] did not know it was impossible, so they did it." --Mark Twain

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