I spend the morning tracking down an IE bug we were seeing only to
find it in Trac:

I applied the suggested fix and everything works great now.

I was disappointed to see that the patch was submitted a year ago, but
the ticket was closed because no unit tests were written. So I set out
to write the tests myself. However, I've discovered that a number of
tests are already failing on IE (testPositionedOffset,
testViewportOffset, and testOffsetParent in dom, and testWithin in
position). Before I blow more time on this, I thought I'd check to see
what the deal was. Is this a known issue? Is someone already working
on this? Are these just things that IE doesn't support?

In the end, I would love to just see that patch applied, if only to
save some other poor soul from banging his head on the wall for hours
like I did. I'm happy to do what I can to make that happen.



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