With WINE? Note that IE sometimes will misbehave, that is work  
differently from when installed on Windows/run in virtualization  
(i've seen this with my own eyes, no urban rumors here).

Anyway, we've also had a case where IE was working when running  
natively; but had a bug when running on Parallels (probably due to  
some kind of issue with the virtualization _or_ with a driver thats  
provided by Parallels).

Note that these cases should be _very_rare, so in general you can  
rely on the virtualization. I'm just unsure about a WINE-based  
environment, as some things will differ (like font rendering, etc);  
although there are most likely no issues with JavaScript unit testing.


Am 25.05.2007 um 18:59 schrieb Mislav Marohnić:

> On 5/25/07, Brad Greenlee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> At the risk of veering completely off-topic, is it possible to run IE
> tests directly from OS X w/ Parallels/Windows installed? I assumed no,
> and went ahead and set up a testing environment in Windows.
> Everything is possible. For instance, I'm testing in IE on Linux  
> without virtualization.
> >

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