Thomas Fuchs wrote:

> Shouldn't be to difficult to implement; and we could even have Safari  
> 1.3 and 2.0 testing going; implementing a commit hook or somesuch in  
> svn shouldn't be that difficult too. Error reporting can send mails  
> into prototype-core. I'm all for it. :)

I don't have a completely un-biased viewpoint, but you might want to check out
Smolder - (btw, Smolder uses Prototype
and Scriptaculous) as a way to provide email notifications, rss feeds and nice
reports of test failures.

I'm currently doing some work on it as part of a Perl Foundation grant that
should be finished in a month or so. After that I'd be more than willing to help
set this up.

We use this at my place of employment and for other projects I've worked on with
some automated testing machines and it works really well. I haven't done it for
a JS based project yet, but it shouldn't be too hard. We just need to get the
testing results into TAP (Test Anything Protocol) -

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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