I think the most important thing is what is the goal of the $ function
1. if the goal is to create a shotpath function to the getElementById,
so no changes will be done.
2.If  the goal is let the people get the same result on cross
browsers, and the $ function must add some checks and return the right
3.If the $ function have the responsibility of teaching people how to
write good html code, it should just throw out a error message
something like "Maybe you are just using IE,and the IE is just
misbehaving input's name with its id attribute, we suggest you check
your html code, make all elements have the same value name and id
attri" so that is it.
What is the $ function's goal judge how to fix it.

On Jun 19, 4:36 am, Радослав Станков <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Vote for #1
> I think we as developers should think about the performance and code,
> and we should be aware of this  " traps ". But to make fix which will
> be helpful for unaware people  and lower the quality, I don't think It
> is a good idea.

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