On Jun 18, 2007, at 9:28 PM, Tom Gregory wrote:

I think it's time to let it drop.  You've had several of the core
developers--the guys with commit access to the repository--say no.

(Given that I'm not a core dev, I don't get much of a vote here, but
FWIW I agree: leave $() alone. IE's practice is both misguided and
easy to work around.)

Agreed. This is an edge case, and I don't buy the "I don't have control over my HTML" argument. If you're using Prototype and you don't have control over your HTML, it's a political issue, not a technical one, and that's not what Prototype aims to fix.

You're more than welcome, of course, to override $ if you need this behavior. It's extremely easy to do in Prototype trunk using Function#wrap.


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