In my project I want to use the ':not' selector, but I think I found a

I cut down the unit test page for presenting the error. Here it is:

If I write something after the ':not' - I want all its descendants,
for example: 'a:not([id]) span' - it returns nothing. If I use the
child selector (>) after the ':not' it works well. But this has
another bug, if I don't write whitespace _before_ the child selector
(:not([id])>) it throws an exception. (This should be valid css

In the original unit test there is no ':not' selector with something
after it, either :not(foobar)> formula so the test passes.

I tried to debug, but perhaps this part is the most complicated code
in prototype so I have to give it up... :)

Should I create a ticket in trac?

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