kangax wrote:
> There's actually a syntax error in the failing test on that page:
> a:not(a[rel$="nofollow"]) should be a:not([rel$="nofollow"]) =>
> "Selects any a element without a rel attribute that ends with
> nofollow."

Hmm, really. I didn't notice it. The selector.html in unit test contains 
this too:

assertEnumEqual([$('link_2')], $$('#p a:not([rel~=nofollow])'), 
'attribute 1');
assertEnumEqual([$('link_2')], $$('#p a:not(a[rel^=external])'), 
'attribute 2');
assertEnumEqual([$('link_2')], $$('#p a:not(a[rel$=nofollow])'), 
'attribute 3');
assertEnumEqual([$('em')], $$('#p a:not(a[rel$="nofollow"]) > em'), 
'attribute 4')

So if I understand it well 2nd, 3rd and 4th selector shouldn't return 
nodes in the unit test because they are invalid?

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