Yanick said:
> I think that this is more Java-like (which is my opinion the best OOP
> language), and it makes more sense than having an extra parameter in
> the consstructor.

Saying that in a list of ruby fans? (well, sort of) Watch your next
words carefully, Persian: they might be your last ;)

Yanick said:
> Plus, with that $super prepended to the function arguments list, how
> can you call a different method in the super class ?

Calling a different method in the superclass is noisy design IMO. Call
the method inherited and let him handle whatever he needs to delegate
to the superclass :)

Mislav said:
> You can use $super in any method, not just initialize. The public method of
> "foo" still takes only 1 argument ("n") regardless of its declaration where
> $super is pushed in the front. (This is a bit magical.) The special word

Too magical, if you ask me. When I first saw the implementation I got scared :P


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