> I think we should have both version string and SVN revision from which it
> was built.
> Also, Prototype versions could simply be compared like integers in this
> fashion:
> function vnum(vstring) { return parseInt(vstring.replace(/\./g, '') +
> '0'.times(4-(vstring.length/2).ceil())) }
> vnum('1.6') //-> 1600
> vnum('') //-> 1602
> That is because none of the version fragments will ever be bigger than 9.

That's nice. I went into more trouble to make so Scriptaculous'
version could be checked, it sometimes has '_pre1' or '_beta2' in it's
version string. But I see a little more regex could do the same there,
good idea.

Even though it could be that simple, a build number will make this
more user friendly. You could then simply do:
Prototype.Build && Prototype.Build >= 1602
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