I currently use Safari but I never noticed those flash.

Seems both Safari and Konqueror use a different render engine
which is not affected by this small graphic annoyance.

Unfortunately I don't have a good test case for this behavior
and I don't have previous versions of Safari to try, newer
versions using "DOMContentLoaded" are probably waiting
for CSS too.

Also the color flashes you may have seen in the in the second test
case I have linked above is something that is part of the test itself.
There should be no flash on IE out of these tests.

The above tests where originally designed for the IE problem, lately
I converted them to be somehow useful for other browsers too.

Diego Perini

On 13 Mag, 23:02, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Ahh ok,
> And Safari also shows this flashy behavior?
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