Too many combinations, probably better split that CSSLoaded.

I asked Mark Wubben of sIFR to comment here, he may have
much more experience with this specific graphic lag and may
give more bits about Safari/Opera still needing this or not.

Diego Perini

On 14 Mag, 19:57, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I think that the css:loaded would probably be the best way to go so it
> doesnt delay the dom:loaded event
> Opera uses the "disabled" approach (what if a style sheet it set to
> disabled in the html though?)
> and Safar used the "length" approach.
> The length approach may cause issues with "import" as this test page
> points out (the length is reported as 5 (because of the import) and
> there are only 4 stylesheet 
> elements
> - JDD
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