Long story short, I have been using both for almost as long as either of
them have been around.

Basically, Prototype provides a wonderful OO abstraction facility and DOM
manipulation sugar, while Ext gives you a full set of excellently designed
UI components. Ext's OO model is not as robust as Proto's.

My biggest message to you would be that they are _not_ mutually exclusive,
and in fact work very well together.

On 6/17/08, Franck PORCHER <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hi,
> I just got on Ext and I'am studying its API out of sheer curiosity because
> I like its out-of-the-box UI facilities.
> It looks to me that Ext "borrowed" lots of things from Prototype,  remixing
> the whole thing under its own kind of syntactic sugar layer, somehow less
> intuitive than Prototype.
> In a few words, and in whatever spare time you Core guys might  have,  what
> is the  story behind these 2 frameworks, if any, how do they compare in the
> long run of javascript programming (if any kind of comparison was ever
> attempted), and how do you foresee the future of both.
> Franck PORCHER
> www / smartech / pf
> >

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