Your prices are a bit off, as you're citing the "with full support" prices.
The vanilla pricing is $289, $1159, $4,999, and $14,449 respectively...

And here's their high level explanation of when you have to pay for it:
"Based on the "Quid Pro Quo" principle<>,
if you wish to derive a commercial advantage by not releasing your
application under an open source license, you must purchase an appropriate
number of commercial licenses from Ext. By purchasing commercial licenses,
you are no longer obligated to publish your source code."

So yes... it depends on what you're doing. If you are doing something
commercially, and have a viable product/vision/market though, those prices
are MORE than reasonable for the level of framework that is Ext.

Anyway... sort of apples to oranges, as Proto is a baseline that handles OO
abstraction, Ajax, and DOM manipulation in a cross browser manner, and Ext
is more of a component library.

On 6/17/08, Jon L. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jun 17, 6:42 pm, Franck PORCHER <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > In a few words, and in whatever spare time you Core guys might  have,
> > what is the  story behind these 2 frameworks, if any, how do they
> > compare in the long run of javascript programming (if any kind of
> > comparison was ever attempted), and how do you foresee the future of
> both.
> >
> > Franck PORCHER
> > www / smartech / pf
> Not sure what everyone else thinks.
> But, a good starting point might be: Prototype is free to use.
> Sure, Ext can be free, but only for free software projects (GPL3).
> Corporate licensing runs $540 for developer, $2000 for team, $7130 for
> workgroup, or $18,700 for enterprise.
> ...well, my wallet's screaming in pain!
> - Jon L.
> >

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