T.J. $$W and $$ are the same thing (just named $$W so that we know we
are talking about the new implementation).

I kind of like the idea of lazy wrapping.
That would speed up the initial selector while offering a one time hit
later on,
on only the elements chosen (which is usually all of them being
iterated over by
"each" or "include") but for those cases were it iterates against
"find" it would help because
the un-iterated items wont be wrapped. Wrapping is by no means as slow
as extending the elements manually (ala IE), you create an instance
and assign it the passed element so the speed hit is still minimal.
Having to iterate over a list of matches elements is just another hit
to performance.
By using lazy wrapping we can avoid that and keep it as streamline and
as few steps between the native selector methods as possible.

The $$(...)._each would iterate over the internal list
so it wouldn’t need to call item(i) during its iterations.

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