So we have patches in for everything (according to Lighthouse) and
tests for at least 3/12 of the patches.  I don't think 75% is an
accurate completion amount considering this.  Do we need to get tests
in for the other patches (if so, which)?

I spoke with Tobie yesterday and I'm under the impression Caja is more
directly important right now (due to understandable reasons), but is
there anything that a contributor can do to ease's release?

Despite what anyone calls it, Prototype is starting to stall (due to
huge changes in the Core team, lighthouse transition, API system,
etc.).  I don't want to see Prototype lose more support because of one
slow sub version. Everyone keep saying it'll be fine after is
finally out, but I don't know if that's factual.

Anyway, I want this to be a positive message.  I am willing to do as
much as I can to help this release and the eventual 1.6.1.
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