On Sep 22, 7:16 pm, Valentin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I didn't hijacked anyone's thread. This is about the upcoming
> so what I posted is directly related. The purpose of a JS library is
> to 1) provide compatibility among browsers using the same code 2)
> reduce the time the programmer has to spent to do certain tasks.
> Also in today's day IE7 has BY FAR the highest market share, and also
> the <object> tag is the XHTML requirement to presenting Java
> applications, flash objects, and the like which, now, more than ever,
> appear on Web 2.0 pages. If Prototype can't hadle these two things
> than it is missing it's point, and it's users.
> I'm not talking here about a "pet" problem, but about some fundamental
> facts. Your most basic function doesn't work on the most used browser
> with one of the most common tags in XHTML (that are called in JS
> events). Therefore you are building a house on a crappy foundation,
> and it will fall. You want to make this about me submitting or not
> submitting a bug? Really I already told you what is wrong, how to
> recreate it, so any developer of the ones that have read this topic
> could have taken the time to fix it instead of replying back 3 pages
> long of messages on how I should have done this.

Stop for a second. Read back over this thread.

You reported the problem; someone asked for a test case. You posted
the test case (thanks for that; a lot of people don't bother). kangax
noted that the problem is not in extending the OBJECT tag, it's in
calling the "update" method, because I'm guessing OBJECT nodes don't
have an "innerHTML" property in the IE DOM.

You keep expressing disbelief at how nobody else has encountered this
before. That should tell you one of two things: either your scenario
isn't as commonplace as you think it is; or others have encountered
this problem and found it too big to solve in JavaScript.

Internet Explorer doesn't handle OBJECT tags right [1]; it thinks
they're all ActiveX controls because that's all the element was for
when Microsoft introduced it. There's no way around this. (This is the
reason why, for instance, people use SWFObject [2] to insert Flash
content without using invalid markup.) Prototype aside... if you think
you're going to get the OBJECT tag to work the "XHTML way" in IE7,
you're sorely mistaken.

Prototype isn't our product; it's our side project. We ask that bug
reports and test cases be filed through the proper channels because it
ensures they won't get missed. The less time we spend copying and
pasting from Google Groups into our bug tracker... the more time we
spend writing code. If that makes us seem anal to you, then I'm OK
with that.


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2002AprJun/0865.html
[2] http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/

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