On Nov 15, 10:00 am, Tobie Langel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I actually don't think these should be made public.
> > What's the harm there? Like with Prototype.BrowserFeatures it would
> > only make things easier internally.
> Whenever you make something public, you have to continue supporting
> it. This makes refactoring more complex.

I agree that we should be cautious when introducing anything "public".
I just wouldn't consider `BrowserFeatures` part of a public API. Those
are just a set of environment "descriptors". There's no defined
behavior and so nothing to "continue to support" in the future : ) If
anything, providing those booleans gives users a great set of low-
level tools to adopt and tailor their applications to a particular

Am I missing something?

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