On Apr 8, 2:26 am, Richard Quadling <rquadl...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Having refreshed my prototype checkout (along with the submodules),
> the sprockets issue is still present.

Ball's still in Sam's court on that one. If it doesn't get fixed soon
I'll ask him for commit access to the Sprockets repo so I can fix it

> As the file is unique, what benefit does setting the timestamp have?
> For windows, this will be updated automatically anyway.

At that point in the Sprockets code, it doesn't know that it's writing
to a tempfile. It could be writing to a file that already exists.

> Though it is VERY VERY slow. I can build our PHP manual from DocBook
> XML to CHM in about the same time. And that contains over 8,500 pages
> from a single 23MB XML file (which is first concatenated from over
> 12,500 XML files).

Yeah, PDoc is slow. We think it's because there's an obscenely large
number of objects being created during the parsing phase — and the
fact that they're all kept around during the generation phase. (Time
to generate grows exponentially — when I switch the task to process
only, say, the Ajax files, it takes _far_ less time.) At some point,
Tobie and I will change PDoc to include an intermediate stage that
takes the objects from the parsing phase and converts them into
lightweight objects that have only the information we need.

Fun fact: it takes less time to generate docs for Prototype within my
Windows VM (in VMWare Fusion, 512MB RAM) than it does in OS X (2GB

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