On Sep 24, 11:20 pm, Andrew Dupont <goo...@andrewdupont.net> wrote:
> Unless anyone has serious objections, or has a better idea, I'm going
> to add these as aliases of `Prototype.emptyFunction` and
> `Prototype.K`, respectively. They belong better there, since in theory
> the `Prototype` namespace is for internal stuff, not for stuff that
> has value to end-user developers.

It sure makes more sense to have those on `Function`. I kind of hate
that we're putting yet another (completely made-up) method on yet
another built-in native, but it looks like there's not much that can
be done about it at this point anyway.

As far as naming, I would probably go with `Function.empty` and
`Function.identity` (`Function.K` looks neat but it would then make
sense to uppercase `EMPTY` too, and I like lowercase version more).

Now that we're on this subject, we can also add so often useful
`Function.false` (i.e. `function(){ return false; }`). I use it all
the time for things like preventing events -
`someElement.onselectstart = Prototype.falseFunction;`, etc.

Is anyone else using something like that?

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