That is true of ALL functions in Prototype. Therefore they should all  
be capitalized.

Really, this comes up because in js there is no separation between the  
function name space and the value namespace. (Or the class/type  
namespace ...).

I suggest resolving it by saying no function is capitalized. But that  
is incompatible. So I suggest instead that no NEW functions are  

That means that constants are capitalized, unless they are functions,  
unless they are one of the small existing set of capitalized functions.

I think that is the best you can do, consistency-wise.

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On Oct 21, 2009, at 2:44, Izidor Jerebic <> wrote:

> On 16.10.2009, at 23:45, Иван Жеков wrote:
>> Don't get me wrong, but we are not talking about splitting the core
>> of the atom in 16 different particles. Instead the topic of
>> discussion is how to name (and where to place) the empty and
>> identity function.
>> Two things should be taken into account -- common sense and
>> consistency.
>> Deriving from mathematics, how is this function called -- f(x) = x,
>> for every instance of x? Identity function. That's a the perfect
>> name (as mentioned above).
>> And since this is not a constant function, no need to be
>> capitalized. And since JS is generally camel case, first letter
>> stays lowercase.
> I beg to differ. IDENTITY is constant in function value space
> similarly as PI is constant in floating point value space. There is
> only one IDENTITY and only one PI...
> This calls for all-upper-case, similarly for K (or whatever it is
> called)...
> izidor
> >

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