Does that update helper identify where code accessed Hash objects?  (Doesn't
look like it.)  The 1.5->1.6 upgrade was mostly painless, except for the
Hash API change.  And the problem there was that accessing a 1.5 Hash is
done just like a generic JS object, so there was no reliable way to parse
code to identify where you needed to change a JS style reference like
"" to "aHash.get/set('foo')".  I ended up reviewing and updating
all of our code manually.  It worked, mostly, but the only way to test it
was to just beat on the app as much as possible... which was obviously less
than ideal.  Hence the months-long delay between using it in dev/testing and
adopting the un-monkeyed version in production.

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Tobie Langel <>wrote:

> [OT] Robert, had you tried the update helper to help out with this
> migration?

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