Be sure you've unchecked the "normalize results" checkbox.  That will get
rid of the "infinite ops/sec".

FWIW, that checkbox is provided as a way of subtracting out the time
required to do an empty loop when computing test performance.  In 99% of
cases, where you're interested in testing the performance of what's inside
the iteration loop and not the loop code itself, you want that box checked.

In this particular case, though, we're testing empty loop performance, so it
needs to be unchecked.  (And, of course, subtracting out that time usually
yields a zero result - hence the infinite ops/second.  So, yeah, as long as
you can break RSA keys using empty code blocks, knock yourself out!)

- rwk ;-)

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 12:53 AM, T.J. Crowder <t...@crowdersoftware.com>wrote:

> I'd post Chrome and Firefox results for Windows, but I kept getting
> infinite numbers of operations per second! ;-) Chrome (of course!) did
> an infinite number of ops/second on all of the tests. Firefox
> alternated between infinite numbers of ++i and i++ operations -- so
> probably a wash there too.
> Now, since I apparently have the power to do infinite numbers of
> calculations, I'm off to break some RSA keys...
> -- T.J. ;-)

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