On Apr 21, 6:51 am, Rüdiger Plantiko <ruediger.plant...@astrotexte.ch>
> >Are you sure you are using "Javascript" precisely ?
> >Aren't you using some kind of ECMAScript instead ?
> Well, my scripts are executed with the same library  (%systemroot%
> \system32\jscript.dll)  that is used by the Internet Explorer for
> script execution. The only difference is that there is no browser
> around and hence no global "window" object, no "document" etc.
> Instead, i execute the JS files with the "cscript" command.

You're right. JScript a decently compliant engine, thought not fast.
It does have the advantage of being installed on every Windows
machine. Classic ASP also uses the same engine. There's a few extra
APIs for ActiveXObjects and basic shell and window alerts (WScript.)


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