On Sep 24, 5:43 am, emwebdev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi there


> I need a way to uniquely identify a particular AJAX request / response
> cycle through some kind of shared unique ID or similar.
> The reason for this is that I have an AJAX "status" display on a page
> which keeps a history of AJAX requests and their success / failure
> results, but at the moment I am assuming that so long as the URL is
> the same, then the response must be related. This works OK, but if
> there are two AJAX requests to the same URL everything goes out the
> window.

Why don't you just add a dummy identifier to yor AJAX URL.
Something like using "myajax.php?ID="+Date.now()

So all your URL will be different, and your current solution will work

Of course, if you want to use this issue to learn more about extending
classes, you may use a more complex approach :o)

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