First, in the online Ajax.Autocompleter document's Server Return
section, it states that "the server must return an unordered list."
So, in my server side PHP code I literally return a string containing
the unordered list.  The autocomplete fails.  But when I change it to
print the string, it works perfect.  Is print the correct action or am
I mixing something up?

Second, I'm having trouble getting my autocomplete code to work
properly in Netscape 7, even though the exact same code works just
fine in IE 6.  Are there any known bugs in Scriptaculous that could be
causing this to fail.

Third, I've noticed in that typing in my input fast causes the
autocomplete to attempt running but fail.  I see my indicator image
flash on and then off, but no results are returned.  For instance, in
my initial search if I search for "Ja", I'll see the image indicator
image flash on/off and no results are returned.  If I think add
another character ("Jas") I'll get results (Jason, Jasmine, etc.).
Then if I hit back space and the "s" is removed, the 2 letter search
returns results (Jason, Jasmine, Jack, etc.).  Any idea what is
causing this initial hickup?  I've tinkered around with the frequency,
from default, to 0.0 to 1.0 but still the same effect.

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