Thanks Walter, that cleared things up.

Here is a link to the HTML that contains the new Ajax.Autocompleter
code as well as my input field and response div.  The PHP script
prints a string of the following format:

   [li id="1234"][strong]Perk[/strong]ins, Justin[/li]
   [li id="5678"][strong]Perk[/strong]ins, Tim[/li]

On Sep 26, 11:18 am, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When the Autocompleter says "returns", it means returns in the same  
> way that when you request a page from a Web server, the server  
> returns that page. It's a HTTP return, not a PHP return.
> A function (in PHP or any language) may return a string or other  
> variable. But that string won't go anywhere outside the application  
> server (won't be sent to the browser) unless you print() or echo() it.
> Walter
> On Sep 25, 2008, at 8:16 PM, ericindc wrote:
> > The part I was confused on is that my PHP code
> > doesn't actually return the string containing the unordered list, but
> > rather prints it.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -
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