On Sep 26, 10:30 am, Nick Stakenburg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm not sure if Prototype has a real future, at the moment it seems to
> be getting more and more a side project for it's authors. The reason
> jQuery is so popular is it's community

The last few months have been unusual for Prototype Core: most of us
have been especially busy in our day jobs. Prototype has always been a
side project, but then most open source projects are; JQuery is in the
enviable position of having its full-time development fully funded
(Paul Bakaus's employer pays him to work on jQuery).

> What would help is if Prototype focussed more on the community, things
> like scripteka.com need to be intergrated into prototypejs.org .
> People tend to go with jQuery because all they want is plugins, jQuery
> has them right there on the main page, while for prototype hardly
> anyone knows how to find a plugin so the choice for the average guy to
> pick a framework then becomes very easy.

In truth, I'd agree with most of the suggestions on how we could
improve our community. We're not lacking in initiative; we're lacking
in time, and if anyone reading this considers himself/herself good at
managing mailing lists, evangelizing, organizing documentation, and
the like, we'd love to have your help.

In other words, Prototype won't be like MochiKit, which languished
because its author lost interest. We just need to find more people
that are (a) willing to help out in ways that don't involve writing
code; and (b) able to get stuff done. We've got plenty of A, but not
much of B, mostly because the people who want to help out are often
just as busy as we are.

> Perhaps 1.6.1 will breath some new life into things, or maybe not.

Nick, I take your opinion very seriously, and it unsettles me to know
you're this pessimistic about the future of Prototype. It means we
haven't been doing our jobs well lately. We're going to push out as soon as we can and then start focusing on 1.6.1 (which I
guarantee will have some stuff you'll love).

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