I am designing a web page in which an elementA is to be dragged and
dropped into another elementB. Once elementA is inside element B, I
need for elementA to shift left. Ideally, I would do this by changing
its class within the onDrop callback. However, doing this has no

Via Firebug, I can see that Scriptaculous sets the z-index, "top"
value and "left" value as an inline style during the drag and that
these values are then reset to the original values at the end of the
drag. But since this happens in the inline style for the element, it
overrides the settings of the new CSS class.

When I try to unset or change the "left" value in the inline style via
either the onDrop, onDropped, or onEnd callbacks,  I can verify (via
alerts) that I am changing the value at that moment, but afterwards,
the values are reset to the original settings. It looks as though
Scriptaculous sets these values after all the callback functions have

The question is, is there a way to remove the inline styles set by
Scriptaculous at the end of the drag? Or is there another way around
this issue?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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