I just struggled through (once again) trying to use PeriodicalUpdater  
to do what it says on the label while making a prototype of a chat- 
room application. It worked fine, as long as I was willing to accept  
complete updates of the entire DIV full of posts. When I tried to  
optimize the application to only return updates *newer than* the last  
successful update, I could not figure out how to get a variable to  
update within the context of the PU, and thus gave up and rolled my  
own updater using PE.

var pollChat = function(){
     new Ajax.Updater('posts','chat.php',{
new PeriodicalExecuter(pollChat,3);

This gets me the updated value of 'latest' every time, but doesn't  
get me the decay behavior (unless I was to roll that myself as well).

So am I swimming upstream with PU here? Is this just not what it was  
meant to do? I am mostly happy with the way I ended up here, but I'm  
still curious why this was so hard in the first place.

Thanks in advance,


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