Well since the Ajax requests in Prototype will auto-eval the response,
you can modify the page without updating just one div. It's the route
I take most of the time.

Say you set it up like this:

new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('', '/some/url');

Then the response from /some/url could be:

// wait for the blind up to complete before replacing the content
Element.update.delay(0.5, 'some-element', '<p>my new content</p>');
// wait for the blind up to complete, then wait a 10th of a second longer
Element.blindDown.delay(0.6, 'some-element', {duration:0.5});

You get the idea. I find it more flexible and convenient than updating
just a single element. You could alternatively call into some
predefined object/method to do this work.

Some people might be opposed to this approach, but it works.


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