Alternatively, you can just fire the `Effect.scrollTo('image-
comments')` simultaneously, which will give you "sorta" :) parallel

See in action eg. here:

Have a look in method `Application.Panels.Panel#expand` in


On Oct 24, 2:38 pm, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Oct 24, 2008, at 7:08 AM, palgo wrote:
> > Ok, it was kind of difficult to write a short title, so I'll explain
> > it better here.
> > I have a photolog where I use Currently I have a
> > comment section below the main photo which slides out and in with
> > effect.toogle, like this:
> > <a href="#" onclick="Effect.toggle('image-comments','SLIDE'); return
> > false;">
> > So my problem is that this works fine - the comment section slides
> > down and up perfectly. But, when the comment section slides out, i
> > have to manually scroll the page so that the comment section is
> > displayed. This is a bit annoying.
> > So I was wondering how I could modify the code to get it to
> > automatically scroll the page up and place the comment section in the
> > viewable area of the browser window.
> Take a look at the afterFinish option to Effects. That will get you  
> the hook you need to call the scroll effect after the animation has  
> finished. Then you can take your choice of Prototype/Element#scrollTo  
> or (which has easing and other  
> cartoon physics niceties).
> Walter
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