hi all,

i m working with prototype.js 1.6 and drag n drop

when i m using this code :new Element.insert(div, {top:content});

i m passing into this method :

Element._getContentFromAnonymousElement = function(tagName, html) {
  var div = new Element('div'), t =
  if (t) {
    div.innerHTML = t[0] + html + t[1];
    t[2].times(function() { div = div.firstChild });
  } else div.innerHTML = html;
  return $A(div.childNodes);

but   var div = new Element('div') is not working... my javascript
stop here, but if i replace this line by
var div = document.createElement("div");

all is working fine..

someone can help me to find why first solution is not working?

thanks by advance

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