> What is "this._question"?  Obviously update() works just fine in the
> normal case, people would have noticed otherwise. :-)

See below.  this._question is a ref to $('question):

        <div id="outer">
                <img id='tobi' src="/images/help/tobi.png" />
                <div class="top-left"></div><div class="top-right"></div>
                <div class="inside">
                        <p id='question' class="notopgap question">
                                &nbsp;<!-- Question goes here -->
                        <ul id='answers'>
   <!--                         <li id='li-1'>answers go here</a></li> -->
                        <p class="nobottomgap">
                         <a href='#' onClick='wiz.prev();'>
                                <img id='back' src="/images/help/back.png" 
                <div class="bottom-left"></div><div class="bottom-right"></div>

If I change the statement from




It works fine on IE.

When it fails it is dying on this statement in prototype.js (line 2457):

            else element.innerHTML = content.stripScripts();

It dies with "Unknown runtime error".  I did a little inspecting in the 
debugger & element & content look correct.

> @cyiam:

Jonathan Rosenberg
Founder & Executive Director, Tabby's Place

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