> On Oct 30, 5:20 pm, "Jonathan Rosenberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> See below.  this._question is a ref to $('question):
>       <div id="outer">
>               <img id='tobi' src="/images/help/tobi.png" />
>               <div class="top-left"></div><div class="top-right"></div>
>               <div class="inside">
>                       <p id='question' class="notopgap question">
>                               &nbsp;<!-- Question goes here -->
>               </p>
>                       <ul id='answers'>
>   <!--                                <li id='li-1'>answers go here</a></li> 
> -->
>                       </ul>
>                       <p class="nobottomgap">
>                        &nbsp;
>                        <a href='#' onClick='wiz.prev();'>
>                               <img id='back' src="/images/help/back.png" 
> /></a>
>                       </p>
>               </div>
>               <div

>> I'm having what I think is a weird problem with .update on IE.
>> This statement fails:
>>         this._question.update("<div>You</div>")
>> but this works
>>         this._question.update("<span>You</span>")

"The P element represents a paragraph. It cannot contain block-level  
elements (including P itself)."


Dunno if this is the actual reason to your problem, but don't use the  
P element for something that might ever contain other block-level  
elements. Just use div.


Jarkko Laine

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